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How to Find Wells Fargo Routing Number?

Wells Fargo Routing Number: If you are stuck at entering routing digits while making a bank transfer from Wells Fargo bank, your trouble ends here. Because you are gonna find everything you need to have for the same.

While sending money online, there is a bank-specific code that is needed for the verification. In different countries, it is known as different names like SWIFT code, ABA number, Routing number, IFSC code, IBAN code, BSB number, etc.

And, for the US banks, the routing digits need to be entered while making online transactions. Therefore, this list will help users to find their respective Wells Fargo routing number. Also, in the end, We have placed the Wells Fargo bank locations near me section for the users who want to reach to the nearest branches.

Wells Fargo Bank

What is Wells Fargo Routing Number?

Wells Fargo bank routing number indicates the location of your account opening. Generally, it is a 9 digit number which is indispensable while making the online fund transfer through your smartphone or net banking.

Sometimes, they are referred to Wells Fargo ABA Number or Transit Number. They are distinguished by the location of the bank. Meaning, according to the locality of the bank, it will be varied from one branch to another. However, it is imperative to have accurate routing digits whether you are sending money via paper transfer or wire transfer.

Why is Wells Fargo Routing Number Required?

ABA routing numbers are usually fixed by the American Bankers Association that is under the authority of the Federal Reserve bank. Here, the banking system is designed in such a way that money transfer within banks needs a unique nine-digit number allocated for each branch of the bank. So, it decides earlier which regional bank account your money should be deposit to.

So, I hope you are now aware of the importance of such digits. That being said, if you are living in Florida, you will require Wells Fargo routing number Florida in order to complete the transaction. Similarly, Wells Fargo routing number California, CA, Virginia, Texas, Utah and so on will be unique.

How to Find Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number?Well Fargo Bank Routing Number on Cheque

1. Routing Number

The first set of a nine-digit between symbols (|:) at the left corner of a check is the aba number. You should know that the symbol around the routing number is not included. It can be the same within checks of account holders of the same branch.

2. Account Number

The middle set of the number next to WellsFargo routing number at the bottom is the account number. The account number can also be identified by the largest number in check. It is a unique and private number for each account holder.

3. Check Number

The last set of a five-digit number at the bottom right corner as depicted above is the check number. It is not important while doing an online transaction and it is the shortest number as well.

You may also need an Ecobank transfer code to transfer money online.

Wells Fargo Routing Number List

Check Wells Fargo routing number 122000247, wire transfer numbers and Wells Fargo ACH routing number from the following table:

State ABA Routing Number Wire Transfer ACH Routing Number
Alabama (AL) 062000080 121000248 062000080
Alaska (AK) 125200057 121000248 125200057
Arizona (AZ) 122105278 121000248 122105278
Arkansas (AR) 111900659 121000248 111900659
California (CA) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Colorado (CO) 102000076 121000248 102000076
Connecticut (CT) 021101108 121000248 021101108
Delaware (DE) 031100869 121000248 031100869
District of Colombia (DC) 054001220 121000248 054001220
Florida (FL) 063107513 121000248 063107513
Georgia (GA) 061000227 121000248 061000227
Hawaii (HI) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Idaho (ID) 124103799 121000248 124103799
Illinois (IL) 071101307 121000248 071101307
Indiana (IN) 074900275 121000248 074900275
Iowa (IA) 073000228 121000248 073000228
Kansas (KS) 101089292 121000248 101089292
Kentucky (KY) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Louisiana (LA) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Maine (ME) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Maryland (MD) 055003201 121000248 055003201
Massachusetts (MA) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Michigan (MI) 091101455 121000248 091101455
Minnesota (MN) 091000019 121000248 091000019
Mississippi (MS) 062203751 121000248 062203751
Missouri (MO) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Montana (MT) 092905278 121000248 092905278
Nebraska (NE) 104000058 121000248 104000058
Nevada (NV) 321270742 121000248 321270742
New Hampshire (NH) 121042882 121000248 121042882
New Jersey (NJ) 021200025 121000248 021200025
New Mexico (NM) 107002192 121000248 107002192
New York (NY) 026012881 121000248 026012881
North Carolina (NC) 053000219 121000248 053000219
North Dakota (ND) 091300010 121000248 091300010
Ohio (OH) 041215537 121000248 041215537
Oklahoma (OK) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Oregon (OR) 123006800 121000248 123006800
Pennsylvania (PA) 031000503 121000248 031000503
Rhode Island (RI) 121042882 121000248 121042882
South Carolina (SC) 053207766 121000248 053207766
South Dakota (SD) 091400046 121000248 091400046
Tennessee (TN) 064003768 121000248 064003768
Texas (TX) – North 111900659 121000248 111900659
Texas (TX) – South 112000066 121000248 112000066
Utah (UT) 124002971 121000248 124002971
Vermont (VT) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Virginia (VA) 051400549 121000248 051400549
Washington (WA) 125008547 121000248 125008547
West Virginia (WV) 121042882 121000248 121042882
Wisconsin (WI) 075911988 121000248 075911988
Wyoming (WY) 102301092 121000248 102301092

If you want to do wire transfer nationally then you can use 121000248 transit number for every transaction. But if you want to make a worldwide wire transfer then you can use WFBIUS6S transit number for the transaction. You may call it Wells Fargo SWIFT code to use for transaction outside the United States.

Wells Fargo Bank

History & Status:

Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services company headquartered in San Francisco, California. They have central offices throughout the country. Wells Fargo Bank is the world’s second-largest bank by market capitalization and the third-largest bank in the U.S. by total assets.

Headquarters‎: San Francisco, California, U.S.
Total assets‎: $1.952 trillion
Number of employees: 262,700
Branches 8200
ATM’s 13,000
Net income: $22.183 billion


Wells Fargo bank is using the latest technology to serves its customers with mobile and internet banking. With net banking account holders can do the online transaction with their bank accounts.
Wells Fargo Bank also providing personal financial services and investment management like retirement planning, insurance, annuities, and more which will help you fulfill your financial goal.
Wells Fargo is offering you to apply for a credit card online. They have large outlet support. So, you can use your credit card anywhere. They provide more points if you do more transactions with your credit card.
The fastest-growing department of Wells Fargo Bank is private wealth management. It gives you the medium for achieving your target so that you can do your desired things.
If you are planning for home or any real estate then Wells Fargo Bank offering a loan for your dream with the most adjustable interest.
Many banks lag in this facility but Wells Fargo Bank is providing 24×7 customer support. With their customer support, your issues will resolve quickly. In addition, they provide tips and suggestions to the customer.

Find Wells Fargo Bank Locations Near Me

For opening a new bank account, meeting your private banker, solving your check bouncing queries, applying for a loan, withdrawing cash or any stuff related to bank, you need to visit Wells Fargo Bank near your my area.

Because of widespread Wells Fargo Bank, you will need to find regional Wells Fargo Bank branch or Wells Fargo Bank ATM near your area. Therefore, instead of asking your friends, relatives or colleagues; here is the one-stop solution for your troubles.

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