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How to Find USAA Routing Number?

USAA Routing Number: If you are preparing for an international transaction from the US,  one of the things you should have onboard is a USAA bank routing number. However, it is not just limited to foreign transactions. Every transaction from one financial institution to another requires this unique set of digits.

When sending money overseas, one needs a SWIFT code to identify specific banks. This code takes up different names in different countries naming IFSC CODE (India), BSB Number (Australia), Routing Number (US), etc. Thus routing number is the US version of the Swift code.

All the banks have their own routing numbers. One bank itself might have more than one routing number depending on its branch location. Hence, one small mistake on your part will end up sending your money elsewhere.

Therefore today, we will be discussing the (United States Automobile Association) USAA routing number and the necessary information regarding sending money to another financial institution.

USAA Routing number texas

What is USAA Routing Number?

A Routing number is basically, a 9 digit code that is used to identify the location of the bank’s branch where you opened your account. With the help of the routing number, banks and other financial institutions like credit unions can trace the source of the money and its eventual destination.

This number goes by different names like RTNs, ABA Routing Numbers, etc. All of these point to the same. The USAA which is a federal saving bank needs routing numbers to process Fedwire funds transfers. The routing number along with your bank account number is fundamental for any bank transaction you need to make.

Why do we need USAA routing number?

The USAA Routing number texas is mainly used for Wire Transfers and ACH Payments.

Wire Transfer: Wire transfer is the transfer of money using electronic means. They are quite fast. For a domestic wire transfer, all you need is the wire routing number.

International transactions are not quite straight forward and money will be sent to an intermediary bank and forwarded to the recipient. Hence you need to ensure that you have discussed the FFC transfer discussions with the recipient.

ACH Payment: For an ACH transfer, you need to include ACH routing number. For a domestic ACH transfer, you can use the ACH routing number 314074269.

Routing Numbers can also be used for check payments as well. You can also make direct deposits or make bill payments automatically from your account. You also need the USAA FSB routing number for salary and pension deposits.

How To find USAA Routing Number?

From a check:

On a check, you can find three sets of numbers at the bottom. The first among these is the routing number. This is a set of nine numbers without including the ‘:’ symbol.

The next set of 9 numbers gives your account number which lets banks know from which account the money is withdrawn. The final set of numbers is the check number. This number is not of much significance. Another way to access your USAA FSB routing number is by logging in to your USAA online account.

USAA routing number

Online Banking:

For this method, you need to have an online banking account.

  1. You need to login to the official website of USAA (Log on).
  2. On the upper right-hand side of the page, you can find the log-on option. Click on it.
  3. Now, type in your online ID and password.
  4. Now click the login button and you can sign in to your account.
  5. Nextly, choose the account tab.
  6. Here you can access your USAA bank routing number.

If you have a bank account in Citibank then checkout Citibank Routing Number.

USAA Routing Number (Texas)

USAA Bank Routing Number



USAA is a Texas-based Bank concerned with providing service for the current and former military personnel and their family members. It was established way back in 1922.

It provides a free checking account and the credit rates are much lower than the national average. It was even named as one among the Top 20 Companies to work for in America. It has earned the nickname ‘Good Bank’.

The USAA is different from other major banks in the sense that instead of distributing profits among the shareholders, it distributes the profit among its members. In 2010 alone, over 1.3 Billion Dollars were distributed. USAA is one of the biggest banks in America, with a total asset of more than 155 Billion.


Headquarters‎ San Antonio, Texas
Total assets‎ $155.3 Billion
Number of employees 32,896
USAA financial centers 4 Centers
Members 12.4 Million
Net income $2.4 Billion


  • USAA provides different kinds of insurance services like Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, property insurance, small business insurance, and many more.
  • They offer credits at a very low rate. The chances of transaction failure are minimal as well.
  • Auto Loans are made available at a very low-interest rate. Also, no down payment, application fees, or any extra cost, is needed.
  • If you are planning for retirement, they have an IRA account which provides many Tax Benefits.
  • Members will also receive special offers from shopping malls and jewelry shops.

Find USAA Financial Center Near Me

  1. Visit the official USAA FSB website.
  2. At the bottom of their homepage click on Find a Financial Center.
  3. Select the view locations link, after reading the special notice.
  4. Now, a list of financial centers will be displayed on the screen
  5. Choose the financial center whose information you need.
  6. Note down the address and working hours.

All the financial centers are closed on Sunday. Here’s the ultimate button you can find USAA bank branch near me from.

USAA Branch Near Me

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