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TCF Routing Number List

TCF Routing Number: If you are new to the world of financial transactions and banks, you should be aware of the routing number. Along with your account number, it is essential for any sort of financial transactions between banks and credit unions.

Routing number if incorrect, can result in your money ending up in an unknown account. That is obviously not a very good scenario. Every bank has its own exclusive number, and the different branches might have such different numbers of their own.

Therefore it is imperative that you don’t mess up. Don’t be troubled because we have provided the complete guide regarding the TCF routing number and several ways to we find it.

tcf routing number

What is TCF Routing Number?

A TCF bank routing number is a code of 9 digits used to identify banks. You can find this on the check preceding the account number. Here, in this case, it has different fifteen TCF bank routing numbers for the different branches.

The name “routing” is exclusively used in the US. In fact, it is a part of the SWIFT Code. It is being used with different names including IFSC Code in India, BSB Number in Australia, etc. It helps to identify the source of the money transaction as well as its destination.

It is also known by different names like Routing Transit Number and ABA Routing Number. It is also a necessity for domestic as well as international transactions. Let’s see where it can be utilized.

Why is TCF Routing Number Required?

The TCF bank routing number can be used in many different scenarios as follows:

1. Wire Transfer: Money transactions using electronics is known as a Wire transfer. The advantage of a wire transfer is that it is quick and direct compared to traditional modes of transfer. Wire transactions within a country do not need any intermediate banks and are direct.

International transactions are different and they involve intermediaries. They generally require some money. That being said, TCF routing number MN will be a primary requirement to transfer your funds to a bank account located in Minnesota.

2. ACH Payment: These differ from wire transfer in the sense that these are completely free.  ACH payments can be made possible only if you have your ACH Routing Number. This can be obtained from your check. The transaction is not direct and therefore lacks the speed of Wire Transfer. They usually proceed through some intermediary banks.

3. Any payments with your check can be made only with the help of your routing digit.

4. For Automatic payment of bills from your TCF account.

5. For receiving benefits like grants, pensions, etc. in your TCF bank account.

How to Find TCF Routing Number?

Have a look at check with the following guidelines:

tcf bank routing number

At the bottom of your TCF check, you can find three numbers separated by a gap. The first of these is what we are looking here. It is a nine-digit code used as an identification mark by the banks. After the routing digits, your bank account number comes.

Your TCF Bank account number is a ten-digit long number after your routing digits. In some checks, the routing number and account number are printed without any space. However, always it comes before the account number.

The final string of numbers is your check number. This number is not of much significance compared to the previous two.

Check out USAA routing number for sending money from USAA bank.

TCF Bank Routing Number List

As mentioned earlier, the TCF bank has a total of fifteen different routing codes. It includes TCF routing number Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan and other regions. Here they are.

Location Routing Number Paper Transaction/ Process FedACH Process FedWire
Plymouth, MN 011975221 Yes Yes
Plymouth, MN (Colorado) 107006444 Yes Yes
Plymouth, MN (Arizona) 122106183 Yes Yes
Plymouth, MN (Indiana) 271972572 Yes Yes
Plymouth, MN (Michigan) 272471548 Yes Yes
Plymouth, MN (Wisconsin) 275071385 Yes Yes
Plymouth, MN (Minnesota) 291070001 Yes Yes
Minneapolis, MN 071001274 Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 071002040 Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 071004365 Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 271071156 Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 271071334 Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 271971887 Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 275970813 Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 275971524 Yes No

TCF Bank


TCF Bank is a subsidiary of TCF Financial Corporation with its headquarters in Wayzata Minnesota. The Bank was established in 1923 under the name of Twin City Building and Loan Association. At present, they have more than 321 branches across Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona, and South Dakota.

They also have their own mobile application. They have total assets worth more than 23 Billion Dollars. William Cooper is the current CEO of the bank. TCF Bank has made a reputation for its good customer service and well-maintained app to make your banking experience more comfortable.


Headquarters‎ Wayzata, Minnesota, United States
Total assets‎ $21.1 Billion
Number of employees 10,000+
Branches 342
Net income $0.284 Billion

Total Branches

There is a total of 342 TCF branches spread across eight states.

State No. of Branches
Arizona 7
Colorado 36
Illinois 156
Indiana 1
Michigan 52
Minnesota 100
South Dakota 1
Wisconsin 23

Find TCF Bank Locations Near Me

As technology has been developed immensely, financial transactions are moved towards online completely. Starting from opening a new bank account to clearing check can now be accomplished using online internet banking services.

Online transactions irrespective of domestic or international, they are being done using TCF bank routing number. In fact, you can move your home branch to another branch near your recently moved place online.

However, there are certain circumstances where you will have to pay a visit to your branch. Some of a few include inquiring check bounce, tax fillings etc. On the other hand, withdrawing money will force yours to visite respective banks’ ATMs. In the case of TCF bank, here’s how you can find TCF branches or ATMs from one place.

TCF ATM Bank Near Me

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