RBFCU routing number

RBFCU Routing Number

RBFCU Routing Number: If you have ever been involved in a financial transaction, you would have noticed the term routing number. If you possess only a beginners level of financial knowledge, then there’s a good chance that you still don’t know what this routing is all about.

Any financial transaction be it digital or through check requires the routing number to be successful. By successful we mean that the transaction will still proceed but not to the desired account. All the banks possess their own unique routing number, and the different branches have such different numbers as well.

Therefore, if you value your hard-earned money, you should understand the concept of such importance codes. Inform yourself from RBFCU routing number and how you can find it.

RBFCU bank routing number

What is RBFCU Routing Number?

At the bottom of your check, you have noticed three sets of numbers. These are the Routing Number, Account Number, and the check number respectively. A routing number is a nine-digit number, which is used by authorities to identify banks.

The routing number is like the fingerprint of a bank. It is unique and helps to identify the source and destination of the cash. Domestic transactions, as well as international transactions, go through with such routing codes.

If you go to foreign nations, the term routing is replaced by words like BSB Number(Australia), and IFSC Code(India). Actually, the routing code is exclusive to the USA.

A routing number is a SWIFT code that is used to distinguish and identify banks. There exists one Randolph Brooks routing number for all purposes. It is also known by names like routing transit number and ABA routing number as well.

There are two types of routing numbers: ABA and ACH. The ABA routing number is used in checks and the ACH routing number is used in digital transactions. Today, most banks use a single routing number for all purposes.

Why Do You Need A Routing Number?

RBFCU routing number serves multiple purposes. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Wire Transfer- A financial transaction that proceeds to Electronic means is known as a Wire transfer. Wire Transfer is quick and direct. A wire transfer can be done to Foreign Countries or in America itself. Wire Transfer to Foreign nations proceeds only through an intermediary bank. Elsewhere it is a direct transaction. Wire Transfer requires some transaction charges as well.
  2. ACH Payment- For making an ACH transfer, you need an ACH routing number. Today, ACH routing number is the same as the regular routing number. ACH routing number can be obtained from your check or through the official website of the bank. ACH transfers are free of cost but are not as fast compared to the Wire Transfer.
  3. If you are a pensioner, you need the same to receive the benefits in your account.
  4. For settling bills automatically from your account.
  5. For making payments to others using a check.

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How to Find RBFCU Routing Number?

RBFCU Routing Number

Take an RBFCU check and glance at the bottom left corner. You will notice 3 sets of numbers. At the leftmost end is the routing number. Toward the right of this digits lies your bank account number. The final string of numbers is your check number. You need not give much significance to the check number.

You can also enquire about these numbers by RBFCU phone number 800-580-3300.

Each digit of the routing number has important physical significance. The first two digits identify whether it is a bank or credit union while the next 2 digits are for the Federal Reserve Bank district branch. The last six numbers are for the financial institution and the single check digit.

Randolph Brooks Routing Number

RBFCU Routing Number



The Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union often known as RBFCU is a Financial institution situated in Live Oak, Texas. RBFCU has more than 500,000 members and employs a total of 1600 personnel.

The institution was officially established in 1952 and today it is one of the largest credit unions in the America and the second-largest credit union in Texas. RBFCU is a non-profit institution with more than 6 billion dollars in assets. They have more than 55 branches dedicated to serving people.


  1. You can refinance your loans to RBFCU from other Financial Institutions and can modify the period of the loan as well.
  2. RBFCU provides auto loans at a low rate for buying new or used cars. Their credit insurance has your back in case you fail to make the payment due to injury or illness.
  3. They offer credit card as per your need-Business Cards and Personal Credit Card at low rates. It is very easy to apply and you will also receive cashback offers as well. For all purchases you make you will receive a 2% cashback as well.
  4. Their insurance service covers almost everything including Home Warranty, Pet, Personal Liability, damage due to flood, business property, etc.
  5. They also have a comprehensive retirement program with lots of benefits.
  6. For the business section, they offer special loans and credit cards and other services.

Find RBFCU Near Me

RBFCU has more than 55 Branches throughout America. Hit the following buttin and enter your locality and details. You will get the details of the nearest Branch.

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