Navy Federal Routing Number

Navy Federal (NFCU) Routing Number List

Navy Federal Routing Number: Navy Federal Credit Union is an armed forces bank that is concerned with providing service to the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, etc. They are the biggest Credit Union in entire America.

If you have an account in the Navy Federal Credit Union or if you are planning to get one, you should be aware of the Navy FCU routing number. For making the correct payments and receiving money, you need the help of the same.

Any small mistake and the money for which you had toiled would be gone. Therefore, proper knowledge and awareness of the routing number are essential if you want to maintain an account in any branch let alone the Navy Federal.

Well, it won’t usually be mentioned while opening an account. Therefore, you will need to find it on your own even if it exists on bank documents. Don’t be troubled as we are gonna provide all essential information regarding such here.

Navy Federal Credit Unio Routing Number

What is Navy Federal Routing Number?

In the United States of America, banks use a unique number to identify and distinguish themselves from the rest.  The routing number is actually the US version of the swift code. The swift code is a sort of identity used to recognize banks.

This code takes up different names in different countries like IFSC( India), BSB( Australia), etc. The routing number is technically a 9 digit code used to identify the bank branch where you started your account. All the banks have their own unique routing number.

Sometimes one bank might possess more than one routing number as well. Therefore, if you intend to make a financial transaction from your account, or accept any payment, you need to know your routing number. It is also known as ABA numbers or routing transit numbers as well.

Why do you need Navy Federal routing number?

There are a variety of uses for the Navy Federal routing number.

  1. Wire Transfer: Any digital financial transaction can be called as a wire transfer. They are direct transfers. For domestic wire transactions, all you need is the wire routing number. For international wire transactions, money is forwarded to an intermediate bank and only then to the beneficiary. Hence, you need to check the FFC details with the beneficiary.
  2. ACH Payments: An ACH transfer to other bank accounts requires Navy Federal routing. For making an ACH transfer domestically you can use the required number as provided below. ACH transfers involve a third party. ACH transfers are generally free of cost.
  3. You need such code for receiving salary and pension in your account.
  4. For making payments in check.
  5. For making direct deposits from your account or paying bills automatically.

You may also need TCF routing number for sending money online.

How to Find Navy Federal Routing Number?

On a check:

navy federal routing number

If you have a Navy Federal check, it is very easy to find the routing number. Observe the above-mentioned example check’s image or follow the instructions as provided below.

  1. Look at the bottom of the check.
  2. There are three sets of numbers arranged horizontally consisting of nine digits, eleven digits, and three digits respectively.
  3. The first among these is your routing number.
  4. Carefully note down your routing number.
  5. The next set of digits is your bank account number. It consists of eleven digits and together with the routing number is necessary for any transaction.
  6. The final set of numbers is the check number. It is not of much importance.


  1. You can also find your navy federal credit union routing number by logging into your account on the website.
  2. Another way is by visiting the official website of the Federal Reserve.

NFCU Routing Number

Region ACH (electronic/direct) ABA (check) Wire
All 256074974 256074974 256074974

This is all the required information regarding the routing number.

Navy Federal Credit Union


Navy Federal Credit Union is one of, to be precise, the largest Credit Union in America. It was established way back in 1933. Initially, only the Navy workers who were members of the Federal employee Union were allowed to join.

Currently, Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force personnel, as well as civilian workers within the department of defense are allowed to join. Based in Vienna, Virginia, it employs more than 15,000 people. With more than 328 Branches and assets worth more than 328 Billion, the Navy Federal Credit Union has firmly established itself as one of the biggest Financial Institutions in the US.


Headquarters‎ Vienna, Virginia
Total assets‎ $103.2 Billion
Number of employees 15,000 +
Branches 328
Members 8,446,032


  • Navy Federal Credit Union provides services like a savings account, checking accounts, IRA accounts at low fees and good dividend rates.
  • Members are given access to loans, mortgages, and home-equity credits.
  • Members are offered 24/7 access credit card with low-interest rates.
  • They have an electronic trading platform and insurance services.
  • Members are treated to many special offers like Auto Loan Refinance, Mortgage Rate Match, and Realtyplus which will save you lots of money.

Navy Federal Credit Union ATM Near Me

The bank has around 320 branches in 215 cities across America. Posting all the branch names and details here would make it one messy article. Therefore, we have provided you with a link to find branches near your location.


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