MACU Routing Number

Mountain America Credit Union Routing Number

MACU Routing Number: If you are preparing to start a bank account, one of the first and foremost things that you should be aware of is the routing number. The routing number lies at the heart of any financial transaction you make. For foreign transactions as well, you would need your routing number.

The routing number is actually a swift code, which serves as an identification for a financial institution like a bank or credit union. In other countries like Australia, India, etc the routing number goes by names like BSB and IFSC code respectively.

Every bank has a routing number. One bank may have more than one such number as well. Therefore, users have to be on their toes while making a transaction, else their money will be lost. Therefore, in this article, we will be providing you with all the information regarding the routing number, to be precise, the Mountain America routing number.

Mountain America Bank

What is the MACU Routing Number?

A routing number is a 9 digit number used American banks like Mountain America to differentiate itself from other financial institutions. The routing number along with the account number is necessary to make deposits to any account.

They can help financial institutions to trace the source of cash and their destination. The routing number also has different names like ABA Routing Numbers, Routing Transit Number, etc. All of these refer to the same code.

Nowadays most of the banks use a single routing number for all the purposes. Mountain America Credit Union Routing Number is also single for every branch of Mountain America bank. So, you don’t need to find it for the branch where your account was opened.

Why Do You Need a MACU Routing Number?

The Mountain America routing number has multiple uses.

  1. Wire Transfer – Any financial transaction using digital means is known as a Wire transfer. They are obviously much faster and convenient compared to traditional money transfer. Also, domestic wire transactions are direct transfer and there are no intermediaries in between. However, for international transfers, money is sent to an intermediate bank.
  2. ACH Payment – The good thing about ACH transfer is that they are generally free of cost. An ACH transfer is only possible if you have an ACH routing number. ACH routing number can be obtained from your checkbook. ACH transfers are not as fast compared to wire transfers. They usually involve a third party.
  3. Making payments using your check.
  4. For getting salary and pensions in your account.
  5. For making deposits and automatic payment of bills.

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How to Find The Mountain America Routing Number?

On a Check:

MACU Routing Number on Check

  1.  See the bottom of the check and identify three strings of numbers.
  2. The first among these strings is your MACU routing number. The first two digits of the routing number represent the federal district, and the third digit indicates the specific Federal Reserve bank that serves the institution. The fourth digit is the credit availability and the next four digits indicate the financial institution. The last digit is the check digit.
  3. The next string of digits is your MACU bank account number.
  4. Finally, comes your check number.

In some checks, the routing number and account number are not separated and printed in a single sequence. However, in all cases, the routing number precedes the account number.


Visit the official Mountain America Credit Union website. Check the routing number section and click on it or you can search for the MACU routing number in the search bar. You will get the Mountain America ABA routing number easily.

Mountain America Routing Number

MACU Routing Number for all the branches is the same. Check Mountain America routing number below.

Region Routing Number
All 324079555

Mountain America Credit Union

History & Status:

Mountain America Credit Union operates in the State of Utah and is a renowned financial institution in America. Established way back in 1934, it is headquartered in Sandy, Utah. A non-profit financial institution, Mountain America has carved a name for itself through its friendly service, and affordable products.

Today, they have more than 90 branches, a membership of more than 840,000, and over 9 Billion in assets. They have more than 1960 employees and have their own fully functional app for online transactions as well. The Moutain America Credit Union is also famous for its humanitarian works. One such incident is when they decided to donate $25,000 through the World Council of Credit Unions to fund relief efforts in Peru after the 2007 earthquake there.

Founded 1934
Headquarters‎ Sandy, Utah
Total assets $9 Billion
A number of employees 1960+
Branches 90+
Number of ATMs 50,000+


  1. Mountain America offers a wide range of insurance services like Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, motorcycle insurance, business insurance, etc.
  2. Mountain America provides loans like Auto Loans(3.74%), Home Loans, Student Loans, and Personal Loans at a very low rate.
  3. MACU has different credit cards at good rates. They are highly reliable and any chance of transaction failure is minimal.
  4. MACU offers services for business people like Payroll Services, Remote Deposits, Online Banking, etc.
  5. You don’t need to worry about ID theft thanks to the ID Protect and ID Protect Premium service. Here, your credit and noncredit information are scanned from databases, and internet to black-market sellers.

Mountain America Credit Union Near Me

With more than 90 branches, across the country, you won’t have much difficulty in spotting the Mountain America Credit Union branch. And you will easily find the MACU ATM nearby as they have more than 50k ATMs nationwide. Though we are here to help you to find Mountain America Credit Union near you. Just click on the button below and enter city, state or zip code along with the range. You have an option to find between Mountain America Branches, Mountain America ATMs, Partner Branches (free), Partner ATMs (free) or Mountain America Branches with Saturday Hours.

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