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KeyBank Routing Number List

KeyBank Routing Number: It seems you are going to make an online transaction using KeyBank, isn’t it? The routing number is a necessity when you want to transfer funds within the KeyBank account or to another bank account.

We all know the value of our hard-earned money and it makes us extra careful while making an online money transfer. While transferring money to the recipient’s account, we need to enter some bank specified codes whose name varies from one country to another.

For example, SWIFT code, ABA number, Routing number, IFSC code, IBAN code, BSB number, etc. depending on countries worldwide. As we need to transfer funds from KeyBank, anyone will need to have a KeyBank routing number.

What is Key Bank Routing  Number?

KeyBank Routing number indicates the location of your account opening. Generally, it is a 9 digit number which is indispensable while making the online fund transfer through your smartphone or net banking.

Sometimes, they are referred to as Key Bank ABA Number or Transit Number. They are distinguished by the location of the bank. Meaning, according to the locality of the bank, it will be varied from one branch to another.

However, it is imperative to have KeyBank routing number whether you are sending money via paper transfer or wire transfer.

Why is First Niagara Routing Number Required?

Routing numbers are usually fixed by American Bankers Association which are under the authority of the Federal Reserve bank. Our banking system is designed in such a way that money transfer within banks will demand a unique nine-digit number specified for each branch of the bank.

It primarily informs a particular transaction to which regional bank account it needs to deposit to.

Predominantly, one can say its a kind of network topology where routing numbers act as token as same as we have in a computerized communication network. To follow this mechanism, you will need Key bank routing number Ohio to send money there.

How to Find Key Bank Routing Number?

KeyBank routing number

1. Routing Number:

The first set of a nine-digit between symbols (|:) at the left corner of a check is the routing number. You should be aware of the fact that a symbol placed near these digits is not included. It can be the same within checks of account holders of the same branch.

2. Account Number:

The middle set of the number next to routing number at the bottom of a check is the account number. The account number can also be identified by the largest number in check. It is a unique and private number for each account holder.

3. Check Number

The last set of a five-digit number at the right corner of a check is the check number. It is not important while doing an online transaction and it is the shortest number on a check.

You may also need TD Bank routing number for making financial transactions.

KeyBank Routing Number List [First Niagara Routing Numbers]

Check KeyBank routing number or First Niagara routing number, wire transfer and ACH numbers placed in the following table:

State ABA Routing Number Wire Transfer ACH Routing Number
Alaska – AK 125200879 125200879 125200879
Albany | New York – NY *021300077/222370440 021300077 021300077/222370440
Buffalo | New York – NY *022000839/222370440 021300077 021300077/222370440
Central Indiana | Indiana – IN 041001039 041001039 041001039
Colorado – CO 307070267 307070267 307070267
Columbus | Ohio – OH 044000642 041001039 041001039
Connecticut – CT 222370440 021300077 222370440 (for accounts opened prior to 10/11/16)021300077(for accounts opened 10/11/16 and after)
Florida – FL 067014181 041001039 041001039
Hudson Valley | New York – NY *021906934/ 222370440 021300077 021300077/ 222370440
Idaho – ID 124101555 124101555 124101555
Kentucky – KY 042200295 041001039 041001039
Maine – ME 011200608 011200608 011200608
Massachusetts – MA 222370440 021300077 222370440 (for accounts opened prior to 10/11/16)021300077 (for accounts opened 10/11/16 and after)
Michigan – MI 041001039 041001039 041001039
NE Ohio | Ohio – OH 041001039 041001039 041001039
Northern Indiana | Indiana – IN 041001039 041001039  041001039
NW Ohio | Ohio – OH 041001039 041001039 041001039
Oregon – OR 123002011 123002011 123002011
Pennsylvania – PA 222370440 021300077 021300077
SW Ohio | Ohio – OH 042200295 041001039 041001039
Utah – UT 124000737 124000737 124000737
Vermont – VT 211672531 211672531 211672531
Washington – WA 125000574 125000574 125000574

*Ensure AWA routing number with your check.


History & Status:

KeyBank is one of the largest banks in the United States. KeyBank is the primary subordinate of KeyCorp which was established through the unification of Society Bank and Old KeyCorp. It made KeyBank the 10th largest bank in the US. The headquarter of KeyBank is situated in Cleveland, Ohio and it is the only major bank of Cleveland.

Headquarters‎ Cleveland, Ohio
Total assets‎ $137.698 billion
Number of employees 18,540
Branches 1200 (15 States)
ATM’s 1500
Net income: $6.3 bilion


key bank routing numbers ohio Using the latest technology, KeyBank serves its customers with mobile and internet banking where account holders can surf their bank accounts online.
key bank routing number ct The more you use KeyBank, the more rewards you get. You can redeem these rewards with gift cards, travel, merchandise, charity donation, etc.
key bank routing number colorado The credit card facility of KeyBank is pretty good. You can use their credits card anywhere. Refund time in case of transaction failure and transactions charges are less.
KeyBank also provides wealth management which is the fastest-growing department of KeyBank. It provides you the medium for achieving your goal so that you can do your desired things.
For purchasing things out of pocket, KeyBank furnishes you with a real pocket for home or anything of your dream with the most suitable interest.
For purchasing things out of pocket, KeyBank furnishes you a real pocket for home or anything of your dream with the most suitable interest.

Find KeyBank ATM Near Me

For opening a new bank account, meeting your private banker, solving your cheque bouncing queries, applying for a loan, withdrawing cash or any stuff related to bank, you need to pay a visit to KeyBank near your my area.

Because of widespread KeyBank, you will need to find regional KeyBank or KeyBank ATM near your area. Therefore, instead of asking your friends, relatives or colleagues; here is the one-stop solution for your troubles.

KeyBank ATM Near Me

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