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How to Transfer Money(₦) via Ecobank Transfer Code?

Ecobank Transfer Code: With the advent of technology and persistent development in the finance sector has made money transfer really effortless. That particular time has been passed where we had to stand in a painful long queue for a money deposit.

In the past, it was being accomplished by filling a form and submit along with money to the cash deposit officer of the bank. However, illiterate people still utilizing old-fashioned methods. But with the development tag, every country is focusing on educating people and as a result, this is the generation of educational folks.

Similarly, more and more people are adopting online baking methods for their transactions. I mean, why don’t they? It has become really simple to check account balance, mini statement, ordering a new checkbook, depositing the check, instant money transfer and a lot of things online.

Almost every bank is providing such online banking facilities. This is not limited to what we discussed. It is now possible to transact with the help of a smartphone having the size of our palm. If we talk about Ecobank, it is possible to transfer money via smartphone using Ecobank transfer code.

Isn’t is simple AF? Let’s discuss how to transfer money via mobile phone using the Ecobank money transfer code.

What is Ecobank Money Transfer USSD Code?

Ecobank Transfer Code

USSD is an acronym for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a GSM technology which can be used to make communication between a mobile phone and an application in an existing network without needing internet.

After succeeding within the scalable usage of USSD in the finance sector, most of the banks have adopted USSD bank transfer. M-Pesa in Kenya, EasyPaisa in Pakistan, BHIM in India, EcoCash in Zimbabwe, etc. are few examples of utilization of USSD code for fund transfer.

*326# is the Ecobank transfer code for transferring funds. Using this Ecobank mobile transfer code, you can easily send money within and to other bank accounts. There is no absolute internet requirement connection and that makes money transfer very convenient.

Ecobank Transfer Code

Country Dial Number GSM Operator
Nigeria *326# Etisalat, Airtel, Glo
Kenya *335# Safaricom, MTN
Tanzania *150*18# Safaricom, MTN
Uganda *235# Safaricom, MTN

USSD Transfer Code Advantages

ecobank mobile transfer code You can transfer funds instantly without needing an internet connection.
eco bank transfer code It made checking account balance really easy on mobile phones.
ecobank ussd code One can easily pay bills with the help of money transfer code offline.
Instead of printing monthly transactions on the passbook, you can see min-statements without going bank or ATM.
Buying airtime is just a task of small numbers of steps.

It is required to register your mobile number to Ecobank for Ecobank naira transfer codes like *326#, *335#, *235#, *150*18#.

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Ecobank Transfer Code Charge

This is not entirely free-to-use service. When you initiate money transfer using USSD code, you will be charged ₦70 along with your original amount.

Transfer Money Using Ecobank Transfer Code

  1. Make sure you have inserted SIM whose number is registered in Ecobank.
  2. Open dial pad and type USSD code according to your country. (Check above reference table.)
  3. Upon dialing the transfer code, you will be given a variety of options.
  4. Choose on-screen prompts according to your preference.
  5. After navigating successfully, you will be able to transfer money to a recipient who will receive a message of reception instantaneously.

Check Ecobank Account Balance on Phone

According to your country, you can use appropriate USSD transfer code and check account balance on the mobile phone. Only you need to follow the procedure for navigation via dialing digits on your dial pad.

Ecobank account balance can also be checked with the help of internet banking. All you need to have is a user ID and password. Phone baking is another alternative where you can check everything on your smartphone through an application. It will demand an internet connection though.

Ecobank Airtime Recharge Code

For recharging your personal number, Ecobank recharge codes are as same as Ecobank transfer codes as mentioned above. You need to add just the amount of which you want to recharge your mobile number. For example, let’s say we want to recharge our mobile number to N1000. Follow the code:

  • *326*1*1000#

The same procedure will be adopted for other countries as well. For recharging another number via Ecobank USSD code, simply dial the following code:

  • *326*08086675725*1000#

Download Ecobank Mobile Banking App

ecobank transfer code

With a proper internet connection, it is highly recommended to make use of Ecobank mobile banking app which is absolutely freely available. You need to download the Ecobank official mobile banking app from the store of your mobile phone. Always check the above logo in application with Ecobank > Finance category.

You need to download Ecobank mobile banking app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store based on the device you’re using.

Find Ecobank Locations Near Me

For any of your queries related to banking, you may want to visit Ecobank personally. As Ecobank is really popular in African countries, you don’t need to find regional Ecobank Bank or Ecobank ATM near your area. And thus, instead of searching or asking the bank’s location to others, simply hit the following button which will lead you to make search query of Ecobank for your region.

Ecobank Near Me

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