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BECU Routing Number: Bank and financial institutes always ensure that the security of their customers’ money is never compromised. They use various tactics and different methods to secure the clients’ hard-earned money.

This is the reason when you try to make an online transaction even from your phone banking app; you have to put a specific number apart from your bank account number. These numbers can be termed as the SWFIT Code, IFSC Code, Routing Number, BSB number, ABA Number, or the IBAN code, depending on the country. This is to ensure that the transaction is being made by you and not a third party.


What is BECU Routing Number?

One of the largest non-profit credit unions in the US, the Boeing Employees’ Credit Union, more popularly known as the BECU offers services to more than one million clients throughout 50+ locations in southern California and Washington State. With its incredible service over the years, BECU has managed to build an amicable relationship with the customers.

If you are a consumer of BECU and have a checking account with the credit union, you must know your routing number at some point. This routing number, however, is also known as ABA number. The routing number shows the location of your bank account.

Routing numbers generally refer to the 9-digit number that helps identify your bank or financial institution. This routing number serves as a prominent and reliable electronic address of the banks or financial institutions that are found within the United States. Each bank and finance company in the US secure a specific routing number dedicated solely to them. While many institutions have several routing numbers, the BECU has only one.

When Do You Need to Use the BECU Routing Number?

The routing numbers play an important role in banking transactions, and they are set by the American Bankers Association. The American Bankers Association comes under the authority of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The banking system in the United States is designed in a way that bank to bank money transfers will require a specific 9-digit routing number.

In simpler words, a routing number is a way to determine which bank account needs the deposit and which bank account is making the deposit to that particular bank. This is a topology of the network that acts as a token.

There are different reasons why you may need to use the BECU routing number. Such as –

  1. You have to put both your account number and routing number if you wish to make a direct deposit, or you want to enable automatic bill pay.
  2. Your routing number is also required when you apply for new checks.
  3. If you send or you are about to receive a domestic wire transfer, you need to use your routing number.
  4. You will need to use the BECU number when you are applying for tax refunds.
  5. You must need your routing number for mortgage payments.

How Can You Find Your BECU Routing Number?

BECU Routing Number on Cheque

It is effortless to find your BECU routing number. All you have to do is look at your checks provided by the BECU. The first number that you see on the left-hand side at the bottom of your check is the routing number for your BECU.

Alternatively, you can check your BECU routing number here in this below-given list –

BECU Location BECU Routing Number
Alabama 325081403
Alaska 325081403
Arizona 325081403
Arkansas 325081403
California 325081403
Colorado 325081403
Connecticut 325081403
Delaware 325081403
District of Columbia 325081403
Florida 325081403
Georgia 325081403
Hawaii 325081403
Idaho 325081403
Illinois 325081403
Indiana 325081403
Iowa 325081403
Kansas 325081403
Kentucky 325081403
Louisiana 325081403
Maine 325081403
Maryland 325081403
Massachusetts 325081403
Michigan 325081403
Minnesota 325081403
Mississippi 325081403
Missouri 325081403
Montana 325081403
Nebraska 325081403
Nevada 325081403
New Hampshire 325081403
New Jersey 325081403
New Mexico 325081403
New York 325081403
North Carolina 325081403
North Dakota 325081403
Ohio 325081403
Oklahoma 325081403
Oregon 325081403
Pennsylvania 325081403
Rhode Island 325081403
South Carolina 325081403
South Dakota 325081403
Tennessee 325081403
Texas 325081403
Utah 325081403
Vermont 325081403
Virginia 325081403
Washington 325081403
West Virginia 325081403
Wisconsin 325081403
Wyoming 325081403

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BECU History and Status

Established in the year 1935 under the name of Fellowship Credit Union (later changed to Boeing Employees’ Credit Union), BECU is one of the most prestigious credit unions in the United States. The headquarters of the credit union is located in Washington and Tukwila. As per 2017 reports, BECU has over 1.06 million members and $17.5 billion assets.

Benefits of Using Direct Deposits With BECU

There are several benefits of using direct deposit with BECU. They are –

  1. You can get immediate access to your money right on payday.
  2. You no longer have to visit your bank to deposit your check to get access to your money.
  3. No longer have to deal with the hassle of handling paper works.
  4. Easily divide your money into different accounts according to your preferences.

How Can You Set Up Direct Deposit?

You must have the following information handy to set up a direct deposit account –

  1. The 10-digit checking or savings account number of BECU. You can look it up on your check, online account, or in the net banking account.
  2. The ABA or the routing number of BECU.

Why Should You Try BECU?

BECU offers some excellent account of opening benefits to its customers. Such as –

  1. There is no extra fee or hidden charges. For example –
    • Zero ATM charges
    • Zero minimum balance fees
    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • Zero foreign transaction charges
  1. Get the highest interest on your checking and savings accounts.
  2. Credit cards benefit with no annual fees and zero foreign transaction fees.
  3. Incredible auto loans and mortgage loans available.

BECU is an incredible financial institution offering excellent services to its clients. If you are willing to make online transactions through your BECU account, you must know your routing number.

BECU Locations Near Me

Just like BECU, all the other banking institutions in the US require a routing number to make direct deposits or online transactions. Therefore, you must know your routing number. If you don’t know where is BECU bank then we are here for you.

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